Refrigerator Repair

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A refrigerator is possibly the most important appliance in a house. All produce, meat and vegetables are stored in a refrigerator to keep it preserved before eating it. Hence a broken fridge would mean that all the food inside it cannot be preserved and would thus have to be thrown away. To avoid throwing away food, the refrigerator must be repaired as soon as possible.

This is where Affordable Appliance Repair of Redding comes in to help you out. Our same day service means that your refrigerator will be fixed as soon and possible and you can go back to using it.



This is presumably the most widely recognized issue looked by individuals. This may emerge because of any of the fans and engines in the machine like the fan engines for buildup or dissipation not working appropriately. Endeavour to find where the commotions are originating from with the goal that we may come arranged as needs are and your apparatus can be settled instantly.


Our local experts can settle these sorts of issues as well. Fridges may spill for different reasons. Some because of harmed input valve for the water and others might be because of the entryway hook not shutting legitimately. To settle these issues on the specific first visit our vans are enough supplied with every single required part.


Right off the bat check if the machine is associated with a power source appropriately or not and whether the circuit breakers of the kitchen are not turned down. If anyway the machine still does not turn on it may be a direct result of harm to the blower burden relay or because of breaking down of the temperature control.


What is the use of an ice maker if it cannot do the one job it was meant to. These problems generally arise if parts like the water pipe and valve are faulty or if the temperature is not suitable. Do not worry however as we can fix this too along with ice makers that are too slow or form ice cubes with odour.


This is a pretty uncommon repair of a refrigerator but not one we cannot fix. All required parts to fix such a problem on branded refrigerators like Whirlpool, GE, Sears along with others like Sub-Zero and GE. Broken or damaged input pipe for water or dispenser actuators can cause the water dispenser to not work correctly in a refrigerator.


This problem leads to condensation issues and leaks since the door of the refrigerator does not close or if it has a broken latch. Seals, hinges can be fixed to ensure the door properly closes or opens. We can also fix the gaskets to take care of the same. A damaged refrigerator door can also result in temperature variation and hence spoil food. Bulbs in the refrigerator or freezer can easily be repaired or replaced as the case may be.

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